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"I've attended several training courses led by Richard and have also read his book Trade Like a Casino. The power markets can be difficult to find insightful, actionable training - but I found that with Richard. His courses cover a breadth and depth of skillsets/expertise that is challenging to find quality instruction for. For anyone in a trading, risk, or trading/risk support role - I'd strongly recommend his courses. Check them out, you won't regret it." - A.S., SESCO Enterprises

"Richard is the embodiment of a consummate risk professional, he has studied the topics of risk, trading, and hedging deeply as well as associated topics. If you are in need of an educator in the realm of derivatives, Richard is the resource you need. I strongly recommend his classes in Energy Trading as well as other derivatives." - M.S, Carson Group

"Richard is second-to-none in understanding and explaining how traders and hedge fund managers generate a profit, protect the downside and use leverage to boost returns. Richard is very quick to identify when the methodology may blow up as well. He is one of the most thoughtful and insightful individuals I have met in the industry." - K.O., Department of Finance at Louisiana State University

“I very much enjoyed this course. I will honestly say, that it was reluctant to sign up to any individual course, but when I was told that I could modify the course, I was excited to sign up. I have even already referred you to another company.” – J.B., G3

Our Solutions Include

Training Courses

Learn at your own pace through our live online Webex courses. We provide comprehensive training in energy and agricultural markets that will teach you how to manage price risks with a wide array of tools and techniques.

Private Consulting

Improve your overall business productivity with our private consultations. Whether you need help with turnkey commercial hedging or just need assistance with external audits, we have you covered.


Our newsletters offer producers and consumers of commodities a view of today’s markets based on mathematical and classical technical analysis.

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