Introduction to Natural Gas


Our two-day overview of natural gas is a tailor-made introduction to this fascinating sector of the energy industry. Taught by Mr. Richard Weissman, a natural gas derivatives trader and highly acclaimed author with 30+ years of experience in the industry. This course offers a non-technical view of the gas business. We introduce attendees to the natural gas industry from upstream (exploration and production), through midstream (processing, pipelines, storage and LNG) to downstream (consumption, marketing and trading). Particular emphasis is placed on the role of physical and financial markets, natural gas trading hubs and commercial hedging.

Natural Gas

What You Will Learn

  • The basics of natural gas
  • Gas terminology
  • Major players in the natural gas industry
  • Common trades in the gas market
  • The role of FERC and state regulators
  • Firm vs. interruptible contracts
  • Natural gas liquids (including propane, butane, ethane)
  • The shale gas revolution
  • Fractionation plants
  • Hedging and derivatives trading
  • The role of the derivatives exchanges (CME Group and ICE)
  • Pipelines, storage and LNG
  • Locational basis swaps
  • Storage trades
  • Seasonal spreads
  • Swing swaps
  • Major trading hubs

**Approximate price per attendee via Zoom is $1295 USD.

**Approximate price per attendee in-person is $1995 USD.