Introduction to Oil & Refined Products


Taught by Mr. Richard Weissman, a world-renowned author and petroleum trader, this two-day live course is filled with analysis, strategies and insights that only his 30 plus years of industry experience can bring. The course will provide you with a solid foundation in oil and refined products as you
explore the intricacies of upstream, midstream and downstream. We will develop a macro view of how the industry efficiently moves hydrocarbons from the wellhead to consumer. Then we’ll examine the nuances and
idiosyncrasies of these markets, we’ll explore the risks and how they are managed across various sectors.


Topics covered include:

  • Energy trading vocabulary
  • What is commercial hedging?
  • Passive vs. active hedge strategies
  • The what, why, how, and who of oil and refined products
  • The economics of exploration and production
  • Crude oil logistics – tankers, barges, pipelines, rail, trucking
  • Refinery operations – economics of simple, complex and very complex refineries
  • Cracks spreads and protecting refining margins
  • Refined product logistics
  • How traders trade oil and products – what are the trading instruments and how they are used
  • What moves oil and refined product prices
  • What are the most popular trades in today’s oil and products markets and why?
  • The structure of today’s energy markets
  • Real-time trading examples for various oil and refined products
  • What are RINs?
  • Biofuels – their feedstocks and their future

**Approximate price per attendee via Zoom is $1295 USD.

**Approximate price per attendee in-person is $1995 USD.